Q : What items can I store? 

Our jockeys and horses are here to help you with all your luggage needs. Do note that no storage of drugs or weapons is allowed

Q : Are my items safe?  

We personally vet through all our Jockey’s space to ensure the environment is optimal for storage. All of our Jockey's are installed with CCTV cameras. 

Q : Why do I have to submit my ID and travel itinerary? 

This is to allow us to verify the identity of our customer, should there be a threat of emergency arising from the safety issue. 

Q : How long can I store my items for? 

We definitely can provide any duration of storage as long as it works for you, but do note the operating hours of our Jockeys. 

Q : What are the operating hours of jockey? 

The operating hours are listed on the map, together with their locations. 

Q : How do I receive the exact location?

You will receive the exact details of the location, only after you have made an reservation. 

Q : What happens if I come after the operating hours of a jockey? 

A fee of $25 SGD will be imposed. 

Q : Why do I have to pay this fee?

We respect the operating hours of our jockeys. The fee is a form of reimbursement fee for the kind extension of their operating hours. 

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